Horseback riding, live music, learning new things, staying busy, the beach,  

                eating faaabulously tasty food (feel free to tweet me suggestions, really!),    

                exploring new places (but no spelunking), shopping (apparently you can’t 

                take it with you so I’m gonna enjoy it while I’m here), reading (dude, my  

                iPad rocks), singing (she’s an alto), running (for exercise, not, like, away    

                from cops or anything stereotypical), pilates, writing (stay tuned), squash,

                traveling, cooking (no, that’s not an invitation).....


                Swim (competed at SMITH! Yeah, I’m not impressed, either), knit, ski, use a bow and arrow

                (grab an apple and choose a tree), rollerblade without falling (often), speak enough French

                and Norwegian to get by.......


                An uncanny ability when it comes to accents (seriously, listen to my reels - you’re in for a

                treat!), experience reading a teleprompter (not at all as easy as it seems).........


Let’s just get it out of the way....... It’s pronounced


Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way let’s learn our new thing for the day... Well, our second new thing for the day... OK, maybe our third... I digress.... (Take notes; I might email you a pop quiz later)

I, Toks (Tokes.... you’ve got it by now, right?) am a native Nigerian (everything is gonna be ok, we speak English there). I was born on a hot and humid Lagos morning to a Nigerian father and a Norwegian mother (give the woman props - natural childbirth.... In Africa).

And for my people (they’ll understand this but if you don’t then 1. You’re not one of my people but I accept you anyway and 2. Just smile and nod and pretend you know what is going on): Yes, Tokunbo is a name given to Nigerians born abroad. Calm down. My mum was preggers when my folks moved back so my parents decided to keep a living record of what I’m sure was a hilarious idea in the 5 seconds they came up with it by naming me Toks; but, rest assured, I was pushed out in

I was pushed out in Lagos. Take a breath. It’ll be ok. We have a dark senses of humor in my family (in case you missed it). I mean they allowed my uncle to give me the middle name Susan, which is another story for another time but you get my gist.

So, what else.....I have a BFA in theatre from Smith College. It’s long story as to how I got there but let’s just say that the isthmus between my education in Nigeria and my partyfest... I mean, pursuit of higher education in western Massachusetts was boarding school in England. Fancy, right?

I have a bunch of regional and off-Broadway credits but what you people really care about is film and tv (I’m not judging, I swear) so let’s get to the stuff you really want to see: I play the Zabvrovian matriarch on the ABC sitcom ‘The Neighbors’. If you have no idea what I’m on about go set your DVR for Wednesday nights at 8:30. Just do it. Before this I guest starred on such shows as NCIS, Switched at Birth, and Law & Order. Oh, and a have a film coming out this November called ‘Democracy At Work’; a political satire just in time for the election! It’s seriously funny. For more credits please visit

And if you think I am as charming and witty as I do (I don’t really - but I have to pretend I do, fake it ‘til you make it and all that - so hopefully you think I am) then follow me on Twitter!

And don’t think I’ve forgotten about that pop quiz!